Course Description

You'll learn

  • How to be prepared for emergencies. without the use of credit.
  • How to Master your money.
  • How to Escape the debt matrix.
  • Ways to free up extra cash.
  • A proven system to help uproot you out of debt.

You're going to have the tools you need to set a solid financial foundation, exit the debt matrix and be in a position to master your finances.

What it actually contains:

  • The 5 steps to help you get out of debt.
  • The recommended budget percentages guide.
  • Bank account recommendations for money. management (Dual Bank Account Strategy).
  • Balance transfers DO's and DON'T's.
  • Ways to save.

Bonus tools for your journey: Cash flow chart, My signature Debt Eliminator worksheet and the How to Eliminate Financial Stress e-Book.

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Certified Financial Educator

Andrel Harris

Course curriculum

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    • Unchained- The 5 Steps to getting out of debt masterclass!

    • Debt Eliminator worksheet (Printable)

    • Cash Flow Chart

    • How to Eliminate Financial Stress e-Book