Digital Slay Materclass

taught by Andrel Harris

Course description

Are you ready to DOMINATE and increase your income with digital products? What would it mean to you if you could create a product ONE time and receive passive income over and over? Well, our DIGITAL SLAY MASTERCLASS was created to help you do just that!

ll be teaching you:

  • How to quickly and cost effectively create digital products.
  • How to create an e-Book. ( set up to profit in one week )
  • How to create an online course.(Passive income for work done once)
  • How to create a digital audio.
  • Outsourcing resources
  • Automatic digital delivery
  • and more!

What our clients are saying....

Andrel Harris
Andrel Harris
Certified Financial Educator

Course Curriculum

Digital Slay Masterclass- Dominate in a digital world!
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