Course Description

I'm sharing some of my BEST money strategies!

You will learn:

  • Why you can't save and how to fix that problem.
  • How to see more money right now.
  • The recommended budget percentages.
  • How to understand your cash flow.
  • Proper bank account allocations.
  • How to budget for annual expenses.
  • How to budget for unexpected expenses.
  • How to budget for inconsistent income.
  • How to save for investing.

Certified Financial Educator

Andrel Harris

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Money Goals Class

    • Budgeting and Saving- THE GAME CHANGER!

  • 2

    Cash Flow

    • CashFlow Chart Printable

  • 3

    Save Money and Make Money With This Free APP!

    • APP INFO

  • 4

    Savings account TIPS!

    • Before you rush off to open a savings account here are a few points....

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    $57.00UNCHAINED- The 5 Steps to Getting out of Debt Masterclass

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