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Uprooting you up out of debt! Helping you manage and multiply money!

I'm sharing my success tips that has allowed me to clear all of my consumer debt on a reduced salary within 7months! I'm also going to give you the secret strategies that I use to maintain a debt free lifestyle! I have been consumer debt free for 3 years now!

This course will help you can finally break this cycle once and for all! Now you can clear your debt, see more money with your current income, invest and put your money to work for you!

This course is for individuals and couples that want a serious financial change! Learn the easy-to-apply BACK TO FREEDOM steps that has helped thousands of individuals just like you escape the debt matrix! This is the first course to give you the tools you need for saving, budgeting,debt defense and debt survival all in1! No more sleepless nights worrying about money issues! Are you ready to experience freedom? Review the course contents and Enroll today!

We're looking forward to your success!

Client feedback. Smashing debt!

" When you get in debt you become a slave " Andrew Jackson

Certified Financial Educator

Andrel Harris

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome to AH-University- BACK TO FREEDOM COURSE

  • 2

    About the Founder

    • About the Founder

  • 3


    • Disclaimer

  • 4

    Participants Guide

    • Download this workbook

  • 5

    The American Dream

    • American Dream

  • 6

    Prepare for your Journey

    • The Preperation

    • Social Media Connections

  • 7

    Lesson 1-Financial Basics

    • Welcome to Lesson 1

    • Cash Flow

    • Money Management

    • Dual Bank Account Method

    • The Budget Blueprint E-book (Download)

  • 8

    Lesson 2- Escape the Debt Matrix

    • Welcome to Lesson 2

    • Starter Emergency Fund (BTF Step 1)

    • Debt Eliminator (BTF Step 2)

    • Fully Funded Emergency Fund (BTF Step 3)

    • Retirement Planning (BTF Step 4)

    • Investment Account Recommendation

    • College Planning (BTF Step 5)

  • 9

    Lesson 3- Back To Freedom (BTF Step 6)

    • Welcome to Lesson 3

    • Student Loan and Mortgage Payoff (BTF Step 6)

    • You may qualify for student loan help!

  • 10

    BONUS-Life After Debt

    • Why your credit score isn't low enough. How to purchase a home without a credit score. Strategies to keep you out of debt & MORE.

  • 11

    Earn $50

    • AH U Referral program!